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YOU can restore hope to the homeless.

Volunteer Today

Our unique volunteer opportunities give you a first-hand experience to see who the homeless of the greater Houston area really are. They need food, clothing, and prayers just like everyone else. We provide our volunteers with three different ways to reach out and restore hope to the homeless. Please consider joining us this Saturday.

Hope Beyond Bridges has helped me see people beyond their circumstances and grow in my ability to apply God’s command to love our neighbor and embrace everyone as a brother or sister in Christ.

Kelly Bivens

Hope Beyond Bridges has helped me to see that everyone has a story. This ministry is a clear example of Jesus, who came to us in the middle of our mess, loved us and restored us.

Dillon Gooch

Serving with Hope Beyond Bridges has been both eye opening and gut wrenching. Saturday volunteering has given me an outlet to obey what the Lord has asked me to do.

Jessica Novak

Serving in this ministry has helped me accept people for who they are, not who I perceive them to be. When I pray with a homeless friend and I see tears in their eyes, I know they are feeling the power of Jesus' love.

Brian Young

Saturday Volunteer

Each and every Saturday our Cooking Volunteers join us at one of our partner churches to prepare the meals, ice down the drinks, cut up and bag bread and pastries donated by Panera Bread, and load up the trucks. Our Serving Volunteers will deliver the meals, drinks, hygiene kits, clothing and prayers to our homeless friends under the bridges and in the camps that exist along the major freeways.  Volunteers are building relationships, trust, and restoring HOPE with those they serve.  Pick your Saturday below to REGISTER.

Organize a Drive

If cooking isn’t in your wheelhouse or you aren’t available to volunteer on Saturdays we can still use your help. Filling our warehouse with clothing, shoes, blankets, and other needed items increases our ability to provide for the needs of the homeless and gain their trust. If you belong to an organization that would be willing to host a drive, please contact us for more information.

Become an Ambassador for Hope

Take our mission out into the community and share it with the groups and organizations you know. The more people that understand how we operate and our process of outreach the more the community will be willing to get involved.